24 Hour Hotline For Services

Call Now (814) 952-2264

We have a 24 hour hotline number, where someone can speak to a person directly for outreach.  A local hospital, school, police entity, can contact us anytime and if they are within 30 minutes of the Harrisburg Area, we will provide a clinician or certified recovery specialist to provide a warm hand-off/contact with the person in need of services. Our hours of operation will be based around client needs.  If there is need for early morning or late night groups and individual sessions, we will ensure our clients have access to their treatment.

If a client is presenting as suicidal or homicidal, call the Dauphin County Crisis Hotline.
Crisis Intervention Program
100 Chestnut Street, Harrisburg, PA.
Phone number (717) 232-7511 or 1-888-596-4447
Fax number is: (717) 780-7074 Crisis Intervention is the 24 hour emergency mental health service provided by the Dauphin County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program. Crisis Intervention staff provide supportive counseling, outreach, assessment, and referral information to individuals experiencing an emotional crisis or difficulty in coping with a personal problem.